Stock for future: Emotions

Working in the tone of a contemporary catastrophic narrative, the artist will create the eponymous STOCK FOR FUTURE - a database of the inhabitants of Hella, recorded in audio and video form. The theme of the project will be emotion. The preparer of the event will conduct a series of interviews (in English and with the help of a translator) concerning key moments in the lives and daily activities of his interlocutors. These will include intimate interviews, street polls - various forms of reaching the interviewees in search of emotions. Only the most important and emotional moments will be selected from the audio and video material obtained. After the installation is completed, the eponymous Stock will be created. The audio and video material will be archived on the most durable medium available. Similarly to the audio installation ‘Les Archives du Coeur / Archive of Hearts’ by Christian Boltanski, with the help of the organisers the documentation will be stored in a place where it can survive cataclysms or a potential ‘end of the world’. It will be the first such archive of the emotions of the inhabitants of Hella.

Using the industrial space of the gallery, the installation will take the form of a multi-screen hologram projection created with transparent materials, forming geometric forms, corridors, fitting the space. The sound will be recorded in the 5:1 system, which gives the possibility to enhance the spatial effect, creates the illusion of dialogue between the individual screens (through directional sound consistent with each video projection).

Stefan Kornacki multimedia artist. He is a master of graphic art graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń [2007] Currently, he is working on INSCRIPTION PROJECT [installations based on disassembled factory inscriptionsi n Kyev/Ukraine, Lisbon,Poland], LOCAL NEWS [s socially engaged project based on critical art, abstract, irony and dystopian simultaneousness /Lisbon, Porto, Poland, Germany] The project participated in the last film "Polish God” by Czech documentary filmmakers Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak. Co-creator the scientific-artistic group INSTYTUT B-61. He cooperate with „Kolektyw Pogoda” artistic group. Winner of the „Talenty Trójki 2012” awarded by the Polish Radio Program 3 of the Visual Arts category (2012).Vocalist of the STOP and Ser Charles, poetry punk rock music groups. His project was realised in Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany and India.

Residency's finale took place on 23 April 2022 in Seyðisfjörður.