POLA Olszewska Komosiński

POLA was created by Zofia Olszewska and Piotr Komosiński.

She – vocalist, photographer, retoucher, since 2010 working under the name Zofia Analog. She’s been composing and writing for 10 years, drawing inspiration from femininity, love, folk, religious rituals and poetry. Rites of passage, time, borders between what was and what is going to be, family and multiculturalism are the most important elements of her works.

He – bassist, composer, musician with long experience. In his portfolio you can find many albums and guest appearances. In his lasting for more than 30 years adventure with music he used to perform and performs in many bands, among them Potty Umbrella, Hotel Kosmos, Ex Usu, Die Perspektive and POLA. He played many concerts that took place all around the world. Apart from his homeland, he performed in Canada, Netherlands, Scotland, England and Ireland. He was educated as a photographer and his music is picturesque and extraordinary. He’s a founder of photo group B1 with which he exhibits his works in galleries all around Poland.

Their first album “13” guides us through a journey of beginning and end of femininity – from death to birth of woman and man.

It’s a summary of unsuccessful interpersonal relations, goodbye to the old, welcome to the new. Mournful trance erotic.

Zofia and Piotr don’t want to assign their music to any genres. It cannot be divided into songs, it has to be listened to and felt in one’s own way. Their lyrics have many meanings depending on the listener’s mood.

Their concert took place on 8 Spetember 2023 in Egilsstaðir.