Koncert Egilla Logi Jónassona

Concert of Egill Logi Jónasson

We expected Egill Logi Jónasson’s performance to be like nothing we had ever seen before – and yet we were still amazed by this level of creativity, showmanship, musical and visual sensations. Egill’s songs told tales of his shopping adventures, impressions of Łódź’s industrial landscape and experiences with Polish people. It was full of not only sounds, but also visuals that are destined to stay in our memory forever.

Egill Logi Jónasson w Łodzi!

Egill Logi Jónasson in Łódź!

From faraway Iceland, with a handful of instruments in his luggage, Egill Logi Jónasson finally arrived in Łódź and he is already getting creative. He plans to prepare twelve songs and a documentary inspired by his experiences living, sightseeing and shopping in Poland. We’ll be able to hear them live at the concert titled "It rubs the mattyfying lotion on its skin" ending his artistic residency.

Koncert T’ien Lai na Islandii

T'ien Lai concert

It's time for Icelandic audience to meet T'ien Lai. That polish trio (Jędrzejczak, Ziołek, Qba Janicki) finds it's inspiration in modern nonoccidental electronic music scenes, such as kuduro, gqom or baile funk, co-creating new music style known as "konk". Mengi, 18.11.22 House opens 19:30 Concert starts 20:00 Free admission