Over the last three years Supersport! has slowly but surely made their name as one of the most exciting bands in Iceland’s vibrant grassroots music scene. Combining elements of pop songwriting and sonic experimentation within the boundaries set by the four-piece band formation, Supersport!’s debut LP, 2021’s tveir dagar, produced by The Vaccines’ Árni Árnason has gained them a reputation as the torchbearers of the local underground scene. The record has received praise locally and internationally, and its genre-bending soundscapes have placed Supersport! at the forefront of contemporary Icelandic art-pop.

Gathering four nominations at last year’s Icelandic Music Awards (including Best Rock Album and Best Lyricist), as well as nominations for the esteemed annual Kraumur Music Awards in Iceland for an impressive two consecutive years, all during the pandemic era, Supersport! is just now becoming the live entity it was always meant to be, having toured Scandinavia and Northern Europe in two legs in 2022. The year finished strong with an On-Venue slot at Iceland Airwaves in November.

Supersport! played in Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź on 24 August 2023.