The concert of the Icelandic artist took place at Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź as part of LDZ Alternatywa

K.óla (Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir) is a 24-year-old artist from Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. She released 2 albums with her dream-pop band Milkhouse Baratís í Paradís, 2015. She also released two original albums. In 2016, the theater was a concert instrument for a play based on a dystopian book by George Orwell - 1984. First album glasmanía (2017).

She started playing classical piano at the age of 9 and then later started playing jazz piano but never really liked the restrictions of notes and started composing her own songs instead of practicing. Later she got output for her creativity in the band milkhouse, founded in 2012 and in the theatre-club in her high school in iceland, where she wrote and conducted a 5 person band in 2016. Later that year she started her ba degree studying composition in the Iceland university of arts under the guidance of hróðmar ingi sigurbjörnsson.

She is really medium-curious and has written 2 books, one poem-book with two co-authors called Mót(2016) and one conversation book called Nettspeki, (2018). Her compositions are playful and include stuff like wearing costumes, graphic-scores and electro-acoustics. Her solo-career as K.óla is her outlet for doing stuff she thinks is fun, like playing the electric bass, making music videos, sewing books and collaborating with other artists.

She is a member of the art-collectiv post-dreifing.