The starting point for BUD is to examine the waiting state. Choreographer Roza Moshtaghi takes inspiration from a personal experience by exploring how we experience waiting and expectations associated with being in this mystical state between life’s small and large events.

Waiting is a game of patience. The enigmatic figures start in costumes that border installations: they appear waiting and almost motionless in the dim darkness. Slowly and painstakingly, they emerge from their shells and come to life – the intensity of the music, lights, and movements increase.

The dancers undergo different situations where they wait, stop, start and make new attempts.

The title also refers to the flower bud bud, and flowering attempts occur throughout the performance. Subdued and restrained growth turns into moments of wildness and disorder. The bare stage floor, the pulsating music, and the clever lighting make BUD scenic waiting room an introspective visual experience.

Roza Moshtaghi , is an Iranian choreographer and performer who lives and works in Oslo. Her practice deals with the narratives of desire generated through the process of adapting or reacting to systems and structures. Her last three pieces are LIMBO (2021), Bouncing Narratives (2019) and OnlyForever (2018).

Polish premiere of "BUD" took place on 26 August 2023.