Residency - Egill Logi Jónasson

We are thrilled about the news of avantgarde artist Egill Logi Jónasson being our guest in Łódź since 8th to 27th January. Egill will visit to Art Factory (Fabryka Sztuki) in order to work on material for his brand new album. We are sure that people and atmosphere of this city, so different from his usual working space, will inspire him to create more striking sounds and visuals. Egill Logi Jónasson (previously known as his alter ego Drengurinn Fengurinn) is true multi-talented artist. He was born in 1989 in magical Icelandic town Akureyri where he graduated with two art degrees, creating paintings, videos, animated movies and collages. He is a member of Kaktus artgroup and organizes concerts of local Akureyri bands. He is also known as a musician heavily focused on performative aspect of his art – he connects innovative poetry, samples and lyrics troubled with subjects of toxic masculinity, identity crisis of people living in modern world and his own childhood spent in small, isolated town. His shows are full of detailed costumes, visualizations and masterful guitar play we cannot wait to experience live.