Stefan Kornacki starts his residence in Iceland

Egilsstadir's inhabitants keep asking: who is that man with a microphone. We know the answer: He is Stefan Kornacki. Multimedia artist, graphic designer. A graduate of the Wydział Sztuk Pięknych UMK w Toruniu, winner of many awards. The author of the installations, performances and activities in urban space, a poet. The leader of the band SER CHARLES [Organek, Staszewski]. In Poland, he has cooperated with artist such as Tomasz Stańko, Justyna Chowaniak, L.U.C, Mariusz Lubomski, Natalia Grosiak. He is a co-founder of the scientific and artistic group Instytutb61. His works has been presented in Lisbon, Tallinn, Kiev, Vilnius, Poznań, Riga, Berlin, Porto and Panaji.

Stock for future: Emotions

At the end of his three-week work, the artist will present an audio-video installation on 23 April in Iceland: Stock for future: Emotions. Operating in the tone of a contemporary catastrophic narrative, he created a database of residents of Egilsstaðir, Iceland, recorded in the form of audio and video. The main theme will be emotions.

- My goal was to conduct a series of interviews about key moments in the lives and daily activities of Egilsstaðir residents – says Kornacki. – The installation is a collection of intimate interviews and street surveys. From the audio and video material gathered, only the most important and strongest moments will be extracted to be seen during the exhibition.

What is particularly impressive is that the resulting audio and video material will be archived in the most durable medium possible. Similarly to the ‘Les Archives du Coeur / The Heart Archive’ audio installation by Christian Boltanski, the documentation, with the help of the organisers, will be deposited in a place where it can survive cataclysms or a potential ‘end of the world’. It will be the first archive of this kind dedicated to the emotions of the inhabitants of Egilsstadir. The installation will also be available on the Slaturhusid Center for Art and Culture website.