It Rubs The Mattifying Lotion On Its Skin - concert of Egill Logi Jónasson

The icelandic town Akureyri seems to be taken straight out of a fairytale – it’s small, quiet, filled with charming buildings and surrounded by a breathtaking view of mountains and ocean.This is the place where Egill Logi Jónasson was born, discovered his passionfor art in various mediums, became a vital part of artist collectivity Kaktus and discovered his alter ego; his creative companion – the mysterious character of Drengurinn fengurinn.

From this peaceful town, with mind full of ideas, Egill came to the city of Łódź for an artistic residency. It’s certainly different from the environment he is used to – Łódź is one of the biggest and the most populated Polish cities, famous for its industrial landscape, rebel artists and untamed spirit. Egill found his way navigating the streets of Łódź and his own creative impluses – his work and adventures resulted in completely new music and visual material that will be released during „It Rubs The Mattifying Lotion On Its Skin” concert that marks the end of his artist residency in Poland.

Egill’s lo-fi electronic music cannot exist without videos accentuating the simplicity of his melody, structures contrasted with complexity of layers and layers of sound on top of each other. His videos are created with paintings and graphics made by Egill himself and they accompany guitar effects and samples used by the artist. Thanks to that, all his performances are an experience not only for the ears, but also for the eyes.